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The use of cutting-edge technology represents savings for our customers. Electronic estimating helps improve efficiency when writing an estimate by taking out overlap time for replacing or refinishing a part.

After we make the estimate we take a digital photograph of the customer’s vehicle and attach it to the estimate. We upload this information to the insurance companies and start repairs immediately. We also create a customer information booklet from the information entered into the computer. This contains all information including images, parts invoice, repair order, and more.

If we find any additional damage not on the estimate from the insurance companies, we’ll get approval for the additional work without any inconvenience to the customer. If the parts on the estimate don’t need replacing, we’ll contact the insurance company and the customer. In some cases a repaired part may be better or safer than a replaced part.

The same electronic information used to generate the customer information booklet is loaded into the ABS (Advanced Business System).

How does this apply to our cost efficiency?
The ABS enables us to keep accurate information on each customer and their vehicle after the information is imported into the system. It enables us to electronically order parts directly from part vendors & manage costs on parts, labor, material & supplements.

This means a direct savings to the customer and their insurance company. By using the latest in technology, B&E efficiently plays a direct role in keeping the repair of the customer’s car.

Industry Standard Compliance
Our technicians are I-CAR trained and certified to ensure your restored vehicle meets pre-collision functional and safety standards.